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The Northwest home for rear wheel drive Mitsubishi cars and trucks.

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Nothing at this time.

Starion Projects

Small Budget Project -
1986 Starion A187

1986 Conquest A187 gone 1JZ-GTE

Movie Links

1-10-2010 January cruise in and eat meet. Here

9-23-07 Summer Coastal Cruise! Click on the link for details Cruise will be on 9-23-07. Details can be found 415-325-3028

6-28-07 Northwest Starion Conquest club stickers on sale shortly!
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1-23-07 The NWstarquest forum is finally up and running! Click on any of the forum links to get in and register. I still have a few small issues to work out, but she's a running!

10-05-06 Mitsubishi rally history gallery finished


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