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A2V is the force behind some of the most diverse and innovative applications and programs. From integrated e-learning programs to resolving general household problems, A2V has come up with a number of diverse solutions for various organizational and individual needs.

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This is an integrated e-learning LMS platform that includes course development and assessment to provide the educators, administrators, and organizations with a personalized learning environment.
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This is an application for household owners, resident, welfare associations, and societies to resolve common issues like electricity, telephone, cable, CCTV, and other maintenance problems.
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This is an easy-to-use cloud storage application that allows the user to store any type of data to share and retrieve it whenever necessary. It is the safest and secure way of storage.
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This features both department-specific apps (Staff, Guest, and Concierge) as well as an overarching suite you can use for better operating efficiency across your property.
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This bring to you, shopping near your location, directions to the desired store, location based offer notifications, offer coupons on the go, desired choices of products only, you see what you like, you share what you like, share a store, share an offer, share a location, share the app.
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How often do we lament 'wasting' the time whilst on a vacation? We often end up asking friends, relatives and acquaintances about a destination for ensuring that we make the best of the available time. However, we often stuck in one place and miss out on some of the most exotic destinations which we only find out once the vacation is over. Well, such times are gone now as this application helps you to select your destination and make the best possible itinerary for an unprecedented travel experience.
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